Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Pictures

Our adventure of family pictures began with the difficult task of finding clothes that all coordinate (without buying new ones) and ended when everyone finally stopped crying about being cold. It was a little chilly but Cristi, my cousin-in-law, was great.

Natali tried to be super cute at all times. She loves the camera, and the attention of the person behind the camera. Mack was super photogenic (only one picture with his lazy eye). Andrew whined that he was cold, and Kate mostly refused to smile.

Here you can see the comedy of everyone trying to make Kate smile (except Andrew who seams to be picking his nose).
I like this picture because half of us look really great, but the other half well...with four kids I'm trilled. It is fun to have new pictures of my kids-it makes me smile (even if they are picking their nose). Thanks again Cristi!


kerri d said...

I am trying really hard to not have hurt feelings that Mel, Laura (I'm sure Val, and who knows how many others) knew about your blog more than a month ago!
No matter - hooray, you're online!
What a beautiful family you have. Thanks for sharing.

Melanie said...

They are sooo cute! I'm jealous of all of Kate's hair!

Laura Bernard said...

Oh, I am so irritated we didn't have Crisit do our pictures in McCall. I just forget to plan ahead and then we have no clothes that would be suitable. Your pictures look great! And I am assuming they were taken only in recent weeks. I'm also jealous of that as we have been frozen solid for what seems like such a long time already. This morning, 6 degrees, feels like -5. Awesome!

Lori said...

Your family is so so cute! And you look amazing as usual, who would ever guess you were a mom with four kids with your cute hair! Luv the pictures and the Blog. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas time.

Diane said...

Excellent photos Lisa! Thanks for sharing. I'll enjoy checking in on your blog. Love you so much! Miss you tons! Merry Christmas!

Janna said...

Lisa, what a delightful blog. Your family is so darn cute. I can't believe how big Natali is! How old is she now? Anyway, thanks for letting me in on your blog!

Eric and Sierra said...

Yea I am so glad you joined the bloggy blog world. Now you can post cute pictures and write about your lives and we can all keep up with you. Kate is so cute. Everyone looks marvelous!! Keep up the good work with your incredible kids!!