Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Break Playtime

We got some good snow before Christmas and we enjoyed an afternoon building forts and making snow angels. Kate loved being pulled in the sled so we all had to take turns pulling her and she would laugh and scream with joy every minute. It was so cute.

Sadly, I slipped on the ice on our driveway right before Christmas and bruised my tailbone. So that was the end of my playing in the snow. The kids and I had so many plans that now I couldn't follow through on, but luckily Greg had a lot of time off so he and the kids had a lot of fun. I stayed home and iced my bum.

My brother, Spencer, had his wii at my mom's house so the kids had learned to "bowl". They were so excited when we suggested they try real bowling. Mack's wii skills seamed to help him to victory, but Natali was sadly disappointed that real bowling was harder than the wii.

We had a really hot day right before break ended and the snow started to melt. Up until then we hadn't been able to build a snowman because the snow wouldn't pack. After dinner Greg got everyone geared up and went to play in the snow. So we turned on the back porch lights and they played in the snow for over an hour building snowmen big and small. I was sad to miss most of the fun but it was fun to watch the kids enjoying time with each other and their dad.

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Melanie said...

I played the wii over Christmas for the first time...I'm like Natali...If only I bowled like that in real life!