Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gingerbread Bomb Shelters

One of our Christmas traditions is to make Gingerbread houses (or more appropriately graham cracker houses). Well it can get a little crazy trying to help everyone at the same time. So this year Greg, in an effort to simplify construction, suggested that Andrew make a bomb shelter rather than a house. Everyone else heard the idea and couldn't resist copying. So we had three bomb shelters. Comically, they all thought bomb shelters held bombs, so they put jelly bean bombs inside and hidden candy bombs all around the outside. Meanwhile, Kate devoured piles and piles of candy. We finally had to just put her to bed to make her stop eating. This picture doesn't quite capture how sticky her face was, but it does display her new picture pose when you " say cheese". Cute - huh?

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Laura Bernard said...

Love those photos! Kate is a doll! She could be a baby model with that pose she's putting on. Bomb shelters, pretty funnny!