Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sabosalactarus, Vocal Excersises, and Late Night Prayers

Here are some silly moments from the last few weeks...

The other day Andrew climbed up on Greg's lap and said, "I'm a baby Sabosalactarus". I couldn't recall this dinosaur name. Andrew continued, "You're the Daddy Sabosalactarus, and you're the Mommy Sabosalactarus". He repeated this name over and over for the next hour and he said it the same every time. Now I don't know about the rest of you, but my dinosaur pronunciation skills are bad. We get dino books from the library and I make up half of the names, and I am sure I never make them up the same way twice. Hence my surprise that Andrew could repeat the name consistently. I have no clue how he came up with the name. It cracked me up.

My next story requires a little back ground. I lead our church choir so my kids hear us warm up every week. They also hear warm ups when they listen to Natali's choir practice. So the other day I was walking down the hall and heard Mack singing, "ah ah ah ah ah ah oh oh oh me ee me ee no no no". Oddly, it has happened more than once. No Hannah Montana for this kid, just give him some vocal exercises.

Thursday night, well after we put the kids down for bed, we heard little Andrew feet climbing down the stairs. I was already to tell him to disappear fast when he said, "You forgot to say prayers with me". It was so rewarding to think he actually remembered we needed to say prayers. Then last night at about 9:30 Mack came down and did the same thing, they had attempted a slumber party in Natali's room and so we had forgotten individual prayers - I say attempted because the party lasted all of 20 minutes before they were dancing and jumping off beds. Anyway we said prayers and sent him to bed, but now I'm starting to wonder if this is the newest excuse to get out of bed. I guess I better make sure we don't miss prayers.

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