Saturday, March 14, 2009

Enjoying the Snow

A few weeks ago we went up to McCall with my parents and some of my siblings. We enjoyed playing in the snow together, but the highlight was going skiing. I got a full day of skiing with three of my siblings and my Dad. I have such great memories of skiing with my family and now I'm teaching my own kids. Natali and Mack both tried it out and loved it. The next day we were going to ice skate and feed some elk, but Mack and Natali both just wanted to ski. They keep asking when we can go again. It is so fun to watch them (check out Mack's arms - so cute)



Well while we skied the second day Greg took Andrew to see the elk. He loved it - as expected. This picture doesn't quite capture his love or all the elk surrounding the trailer, but we'll take what we can get.

While enjoying the time with my family, and reminiscing I had an epiphany. All of my winter McCall memories happened because my dad sacrificed his time and created those opportunities for us. As I skied with my kids I realized how much effort it will take to get my kids skiing. My dad taught all seven of us how to ski. He gave up his own skiing time and work time to play with us in McCall. I am so grateful that he taught me to ski, sled, snowmobile, and just love playing in snow. I'm excited to teach my own kids to take the time to enjoy the snow and make memories together. Thanks Dad!

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