Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Katers!

Our little Kate had a fabulous birthday. She started the day by climbing on the table (she had never done that before) and dumping breakfast cereal all over the table till it cascaded onto the floor. It was a lovely mess by the time Andrew came to tattle.
After her bath she went looking around her room for something to wear. She just kept looking around and saying "rella" until she found the pink, way too big, Princess Barbie nightgown that she had slept in that night. I really dislike this nightgown. However, she happily wore it for 45 hours straight. She only changed when her new princess dress from Grandma Nani arrived in the mail the next day - Thank you Grandma.
For dinner Katers gorged herself on kidney beans and sour cream. Yea, you read that right. She loves sour cream. By its self. By the spoonful. Strange - especially when her father, because of his dislike for it, almost throws up while watching her eat it.

The kids had worked hard earning money to buy Kate gifts and they were so excited for her to see what they had picked out. The present idea was no mystery this year and she ripped through them in no time. Then she pranced around the house the rest of the night with her new baby doll in its new baby car seat, wearing her new diaper bag - complete with bottles. She wouldn't even let go of the car seat while she blew out the candles and ate cake. One hand was always on the baby stuff.

This is her "baby" cake. Greg said it was kind of frightening, and he is probably right, but considering I was still hacking up my lungs and blowing my nose all day long I think it did the job. She knew it was a baby!

Our little baby lover isn't a baby anymore. She is such a fun little girl; everyone's favorite. Today she had her well child check up and the doctor started asking the routine questions. "Does she string words together? Can she jump? Is she a good eater?" With each question she got 4 answers. The kids felt like they could report just as well as I. We all love her so much. Happy Birthday Kate!

I love her crazy curly blond hair- I hope it lasts! This was a very special bed head day- had to share it.


jcwoods said...

Wow,I can't believe our girls our turning two!What a bittersweet. I love reading your blog Lisa. We just don't see you enough so it is nice to keep in touch and see pics and stories of your kiddos! The princess dress is amazing!

Julianne said...

Ha ha...I think she looks just like her cake in the bedhead picture. Funny!

Laura Bernard said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Glad you got it started with a BANG to remind your mom how much she loves you!

Love the nightgown, and that baby cake may be a bit scary, but the pacifier does the trick!

She is adorable! I love two year olds!

Snigger Fam said...

Your kids are so stinkin' cute!

Becky said...

Hey! Julianne found my blog from Kerri (Kofoed) Costley's, and then I found yours from Julianne's--gotta love the blogging world! Anyway, I don't promise anything spectacular, but my blog is, and my email is Shoot me an email sometime!
Becky (formerly Smith)