Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Natali is 7!

It is so hard to believe that my little girl is 7. So here are 7 random things about my wonderful 7 year old (accompanied by some random B-day photos).

  • Books: Natali reads every night in bed. She usually reads a book a night, meticulously keeping track of how long she read so she can report the time and the plot to me, her teacher, Greg, or anyone else who will listen. She loves to read, but I think her favorite part is having an excuse to stay up late.

  • Nat: When she was born I thought maybe we would call her "Nat" or "Natty", but we never did. She has always been Natali--till first grade. When I go to help out at school most of the kids and the teacher call her Nat. So suddenly she has a nickname. Kind of weird, but I don't mind.
  • Soccer: She is playing her second year of soccer. It is an all girls team with only 5 girls (most teams have 8) so it has really forced her to step up, and she has. Each game she looks better and better. However, I still think her favorite part is just being with the other girls on the team.

  • Singing: Natali continues to love to sing. She has joined the ward choir and she still enjoys Childrens Choir as well. She came home from choir the other night, put her face right in mine and said, "See!" I noticed her already big eyes were especially huge, but was missing the point until she explained that she had her eye brows up, "Like you should when you are singing".

  • Big Sister: Natali loves being the oldest. She runs and gets this and that, keeps her eyes on the little ones, and keeps everyone in line. They all can't wait till she gets home from school. She shares her treats from soccer or birthday parties, and goes out of her way to try and make everyone happy.

  • Social Butterfly: Natali continues to amaze us with her love to anyone...especially new people. She has no fear; she strikes up conversations with anyone, anywhere. For instance--on her birthday she was telling our neighbor all about the purple dress her grandma gave her and how she was going to be baby-sat that night. She told him Greg and I were going to a church thing and then asked him if he ever went to church. No fear!

  • Big Kid Talk: Suddenly, we have moments where we can talk to Natali about big kid stuff. Example--the other night she started asking me questions about the Great Depression (she had just finished a fictional story about a girl in the 30's). We talked about what it was like then and how some similar things are going on today, on a smaller scale. She talked about how lucky she was to have enough to eat, and how glad she was that her dad had a job. I loved it! It was so rewarding to see her connecting the dots and seeing the bigger picture, if only for a moment.

I am so excited to watch her continue to grow and learn. It is such fun. We love you Natali!


Sharee said...

I can't belive she is 7!!! Tell her i love her and give her a kiss! im so proud of her for being in choir!!!

jcwoods said...

You make such beautiful birthday cakes!! Tell Natali Happy Birthday from the Woods crew!