Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oregon Coast

Sadly, I have no pictures from our spring break trip to the Oregon coast. Greg headed out of town before us and left simple instructions not to forget the battery when I grabbed the camera. But I forgot. So instead of photos we had the kids draw pictures of the trip.

One of Mack's favorite parts was seeing Mount Hood when we drove into Portland. He is very into volcanoes right now.

Our first day we got to play on the beach a bit and feed some seals at an aquarium. Then we went on a hike, but the girls didn't last long in the wind and rain so I sat in the car with them. And we waited for the boys...for nearly 2 hours. I talked with Greg on the phone a few times the first hour, but started getting a little worried when he stopped answering. One of my favorite moments of the trip was when they finally got back. The boys were covered in mud and smiles. I was prepared for cold whinny boys, but they were so happy telling me all about how they slid down parts of the mountain on their bum. Its great to get nice and dirty sometimes.

Well Saturday morning was the day we had all been waiting for because we were going on a boat ride to look for whales. Well our 2 hour morning drive to get to the boat ended with no boat ride because the weather was so bad no boats were going out. So no whales for us- very disappointing. Instead, we drove down more of the coast in search of a famous sea lion cave. We got to ride on an elevator about 200 ft. down into the "largest sea cave on earth" where tons of sea lions hang out. It was fun to hear their calls echoing off the rocks, and watch them swim in and out of the cave. Here is Natali's rendering.

Well we did a lot of driving in the rain while the kids watched movies in the back. Greg and I were discouraged about how the trip went considering the money spent, the time taken off from work, and all the planning. However, I learned a good lesson - A trip is only as fun as you make it. No matter how much we spent or planned the kids were thrilled with whatever we did - hiking in the mud, seeing waterfalls, or exploring hotels. Greg and I were grumpy about the whales but the kids got over it pretty quick. So my lesson, enjoy the moments and make it memorable because you can't orchestrate life, no matter how much you try.

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