Thursday, May 14, 2009

Turning 4 at the Zoo

Andrew requested to go to the Zoo for his birthday. No big surprise since tigers, or animals in general, take leading roles in 90% of the library books, bed time stories, and games Andrew picks out. His favorite shirt (he is wearing it in the pictures) is an 18 month shirt (yes he is turning 4) but it has a tiger on it so he really won't let me take it away. We ended up spending about 6 hours at the zoo and he loved it.Some family joined us and I forgot my camera, but luckily Aunt Kerri acted as photographer. We played 'Candle, Candle, who's got the Candle' and 'Simon Says' . Aunt Val would do everything Simon said and the kids thought it was so funny. This picture is great because it catches Val pretending to be bugged that she messed up again, and shows Andrew cracking up. I brought candles but forgot fire, so he pretended to blow the candles out. I love Kate's cupcake face. All the kids needed a good wash down by the end.Well Andrew loved the zoo. Seeing real Tigers, Snow Leopards, Lions, and Bald Eagles is pretty cool for your birthday. His Grandma Dame even gave him a whole family of Tigers, which made it onto his birthday cake later that night, along with the snow leopard from his cousins.All but one of his gifts had tigers on it in some form. He can tell you which tigers are the biggest, what they eat, where they live, and that they have the biggest canines...he even corrected my brother when he tried to convince the boys that only dogs had canines, hence the name canines.

Andrew is such a fun, energetic kid, but he also loves to snuggle up on my lap and be read to, especially if the book as to do with tigers. He keeps me on my toes, and keeps us all laughing, we love this guy.

I'm Grateful

Last night as I was saying prayers with Kate I realized that my prayer was laking in "We're thankful for...". As I said my own prayers that night I asked for nothing; I just expressed thanks. I felt such peace when I was done. All the things that weighed on my mind seamed lighter. So in an attempt to continue to show more gratitude here are a few things I have been grateful for this spring.

I am grateful that my kids have enjoyed soccer. Natali and Mack have improved a lot. Mack has lived for practice and games. He plays soccer in the backyard, at his practice, with Natali's team practice, and at his games. He really loves it and is getting pretty good. I will miss watching his passion for it. However, as much as I am grateful they loved it, I am more grateful it is over. We have our Saturday's back (not to mention Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights).

I am grateful for the celebration of Easter. I know that Christ truly lives, that it was He who created all the vibrant colors and new life of spring. I can't comprehend His love for us, but when I think of the love I have for my own children I am overwhelmed with how much greater His perfect love must be. I am so grateful for His sacrifice and His infinite love.
I am grateful that after writing this post I may have finally cemented in my brain the the correct spelling of grateful (that is the correct spelling right?)

I am grateful for Mother's Day and the chance to reflect on the powerful example of so many mothers in my life. My mother's patience and soft, gentle voice. My mother-in-law's passion for learning. My Grandma's faith and determination. My sisters teaching me through their experiences. Friends letting me know I'm not the only one who has rough days.

Thank you.