Monday, August 31, 2009

McCall - One Last Time

Before school started we were able to go to McCall one last time. It was nice to be up there with just my kids. I find such peace up there and I just enjoy my kids. There are no calls to make, no errands to run, and no pressing vacation must-do's, it is just me and my kids doing whatever they want. It is good for all of us.

We got there late Thursday night and the kids played while I chatted with my Aunt Kalleen and Uncle Jed. Most of my memories of McCall have them in it so it was wonderful to spend some time with them. They also took us on a boat ride to Ice Cream Alley, something I could not have accomplished on my own.

We took a walk with our berry picking buckets and in no time found huckleberries. The kids were busy filling up their buckets, all except Kate who ate every berry she found. We soon discovered that only Andrew and Kate even like the berries, so those two feasted (evidenced by Kate's purple tongue).

The kids built forts which became cages while we pretended Zoo. We swam in the pool, built sand castles and interesting water ways, and the kids all swam from the shore to the end of the dock over and over (with life jackets) but as usual I took no pictures.

Greg came up Friday night and enjoyed a day of vacation, played some tennis with the kids and took the boys hiking. It was such a nice way to end the summer. I love that place..


jcwoods said...

How beautiful!! I am jealous, I love berries...all berries.

Laura Bernard said...

Cute new template!

Such fun at McCall. Glad you had such a nice relaxing time.

If you noticed our calls the other day it was to share the exciting news that Myra can ride her bike. She just got on--first time since getting home--and off she went!

Maybe she and Natali can talk soon--share the excitment!

Love you!

Sharee said...

I love it too! I am glad you made it up. Miss you!

Diane said...

What a blast! I miss that place!

Julianne said...

Looks like you guys had a great and busy summer. I can't wait to enjoy this Idaho weather myself!

Kerri said...

Favorite childhood vacation spots have got to take the nostalgia cake for sure. I loved going to McCall to see the Ice Sculptures...something Texas doesn't have so much of :)