Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall In A Flash

Well fall has almost come and gone and I have spent the best of it indoors. Baby number five has proved to be a little more difficult than the previous four and has sucked most of the energy out of me, along with the usual meals. But thanks to a wonderful mother, sister, and extremely patient husband we have all managed to get through the first trimester. The kids have been somewhat deprived of attention as evidenced from comments from Natali, "Mom, why don't you move anymore?" or from Andrew, "How does the baby tell you that it is going to be sick if you don't eat soon?" We are all grateful to put the last few months behind us.

In the meantime school is off and running. These pictures are a little late in coming but they were actually taken on the first day of school. Natali's 1st grade teacher moved up to 2nd grade with her and that has been good. She is doing great and loving school as usual. She even started reading Harry Potter tonight- I can hardly believe she is old enough. Mack is loving kindergarten. He goes in the afternoon but spends most of the morning asking if he can go to school yet. He doesn't say much in class because he saves it all for me; when he gets home I love to hear all about everything that happened. He is doing wonderful and soaks up anything his teacher offers. She even said that he has started raising his hand in class, a good sign that he is getting comfortable.

Andrew has started preschool and it has proven wonderful. Last year he had no interest in letters, numbers, or writing/drawing or any kind. Suddenly he recognizes letters other than A, tries to make rhymes, and asks what letter words start with--he also tries to count to 100 and can actually be found coloring and trying to write. I guess he just needed more time and I am so excited to see his new interest; but don't be too worried he still corrects everyone in class if they say anything about animals that isn't correct.
Kate in the meantime has learned that with everyone else gone she can usually do whatever she wants, which usually means watch a show. She misses the big kids and is often asking if she can "go too". Since I have been sick she really hasn't bee out much, and misses it-especially the bike rides. Toward the end of summer Mack surprised us all but learning to ride his bike with very little effort from the parents. So I got a bike and trailer for my birthday and we spent the early part of fall enjoying the nice weather and taking a lot of rides. Andrew and Kate loved it. Greg even bought a bike. Now five or so flat tires later we are still loving it. So with baby, school, bikes and football fall has flown by and we are all excited to try and figure out where we will put the baby when we ride next fall.


Laura Bernard said...

When we got outfitted with our bikes the salesmen did mention that the third wheel attachment is available with two wheels and two seats. So in the spring, if we get one of those for the twins to go behind Aaron, and a seat for Owen, we might just be able to take a family bike ride! (Smashing the three in a trailer doesn't quite seem right!)

Love the funny comments from the kids about you being sick! Hilarious! We loved Mac's pictures by the way. I need to make James reply, but you can relay to Mac that James said Mac's Backugan drawing was WAY better than he could do!

Miss you! Oh, Jonas wanted to wear his underwear over his diaper at bedtime the other night. I told him that was what Kate likes to do, so now he's always talking about Kate and her underwear!

Melanie said...

I think it's hilarious that Andrew corrects people on animal knowlegde. Over the summer I was playing with a lion and he had a tiger (of course) and I started to attack him and he said that lions and tigers don't fight each other because they live on different continents! (it may have been Mack...not sure)