Friday, October 30, 2009

Mack Is 6

For Mack's Birthday we stayed home and watched conference, but I think he loved it because it was a birthday party all day long. He opened his first present before conference started and spent the whole session drawing on the marker board from Grandma Dame. (She also gave him a large pad of paper that he had filled up less than three weeks later- most pages front and back.) Then after the session was over he opened more presents. He loved his hammer and Bakugans - I can't really figure out what these are but he loves them.
When conference was over we had dinner of his choice - cheese rice - to Greg's horror. Then he decorated his cake. I'm sure his skills with a pencil are better than with a tube of runny frosting but you can still tell it is a football field. But sadly you can't really see the 'Y' or the symbol of the Mountain West Conference that he took great pains to include. He had a great day but it is still so hard to believe that my little Macky is really 6 years old. We love you Mack!


Melanie said...

I think the cake is awesome...i like that you let him decorate takes the stress off the parents to make an elaborate cake. And I shouldn't be surprised that he knows the symbol for the MWC but I am.

Julianne said...

That is hilarious! Levi loves Bakugon too. I think it is such a weird toy!...but yet, I have one for him for Christmas.