Friday, October 30, 2009

My Office

Before I got sick with this pregnancy we moved the boys room around to make room for their new dresser (with drawers that actually worked). Their room has a totally bizarre long narrow space it it and after moving the furniture we ended up with nothing in this space but an old night stand. Mack looked at it, pulled up a chair, and claimed it at his office. He moved all his prized possessions into the space and it has been his office ever since. He sits back there at night before lights out and draws and draws. In fact I don't think that he can actually get to the desk anymore because the floor space has been filled with drawings. I love how he immerses himself in his drawing. He will get an idea, go to his room, and come back an hour later with little 5 inch football players made with paper and tape dressed in the colors and helmets of different college teams. He is so amazing.Well it came as no surprise that Andrew needed an office of his own. So we brought in the folding table and another chair. He immediately piled his table with books. While Mack draws Andrew makes trip after trip to the bookshelf. (Too bad he hasn't learned how to put them back on the shelf.) Although, he has started to ask Mack to draw him pictures and then he will color them.
Their offices are usually in a state of disaster, but it sure is fun to watch them each at their own desk enjoying themselves so thoroughly and peacefully - it can't last long.


Laura Bernard said...

Okay, way too cute! Mac has seriously got some talent. Myra and Grace just set themselves up a craft area in the unfinished basement. Apparently the "clubhouse" in the bathroom wasn't enough.

Mac reminds me of when James was in Kindergarten, and he and Myra would make things out of paper endlessly. Did I ever tell you about this? I'd wake up from my nap and they would have created a crab or a slingshot, not a drawing, but more like origami without organization. I loved the creativity, but there were endess precious papers all over! Nearly made me crazy! But oh, how they kept occupied.

Melanie said...

Does Mack expect you to keep all his creations? He is pretty impressive.