Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween night the Eastons and Wilfords joined the hoards of kids cruising around our neighborhood. It didn't take long to come to a few conclusions 1- next year we are dividing into groups according to age. Then the kids that want to run door to door can do so without the trail of kids and parents crying behind them to wait up. 2- Review etiquette beyond just saying 'trick or treat' and 'thank you'. Be more specific like telling Andrew it is rude to scream "GIMME SOME" and don't ever say things like "What? Only one?".

After a few streets Val and I started home with Kate and Luke. We were still knocking on doors then I asked Kate what she wanted to do. Her simple answer, "Go home and eat it!". Overwhelmed with her quantity of candy she was happy to sit at home and feast. And she did! I think she ate more than half her candy that night. Natali was so disappointed that Kate chose to be Cinderella again, rather than the pink fairy Natali was when she was two. But Kate was determined to wear her "blue rella" dress and she loved wearing real lipstick.

Natali thought it was great being a witch. I liked that she wore the same witch costume all my sisters and I used as kids. However, the orange wig is a new addition from Aunt Val. Natali got lots of comments about her cool hair, but she removed it by the end of the night because she was too hot (such and nice night). You can't tell from this picture but I really think her favorite part was wearing all the make up she could find.
Mack really loved his mustache - who wouldn't.

Somehow we have no individual photo of Andrew. He was a T-Rex, which he made clear to anyone who mistakenly called him a dragon. Since all the other kids had make-up on he couldn't be left out so he had a speckling of dots on his face and he was happy. He really got into character; at every door he screamed "TRICK OR TREAT". You could hear it from across the street. Gotta love Halloween.


Melanie said...

They look great. I don't know what it is about dressing up that kids love so munh....or makeup. Hattie is already into it

Diane said...

Emma was a witch too and we streaked her hair with black and white paint. It was so fun!