Monday, December 14, 2009

Adventures with the 'Family' Photo

My kind cousin-in-law has taken our pictures every year since we moved to Idaho. She is wonderful with the kids and does a fabulous job. But this year I was a little slow to schedule so I agreed to one of the last warmish days left that she had available. When I finally let Greg know when we were doing the pictures he told me he would be out of town. So we decided to just do kid pictures - they're the ones everyone wants to see anyway - right? The plan and would have worked great but Kate got sick the week before the pictures and was still in that less-than-pleasant mood. I had to force her outfit on (a pink dress I assumed she would love, but she still refuses to wear it) and stand in every picture with her or she would just walk away screaming. Even the candy didn't really help (at least it stopped the screaming). But we have some fabulous pictures of the three oldest kids. So much for the 'family' photo this year.
This is the only picture we have of all four kids without me in it - and Kate was trying to exit as quickly as possible.This face is almost happy thanks to M & M's.

Some of you might not have seen Natali in her new specs. She got the glasses the day before the pictures. She was so excited to get glasses that for a while I was worried she would fake her test just to get them, but I sat in on her exam and I'm pretty sure she needs them. I let her pick out the frames - she did pretty good huh?
Now just to contrast Kate, all of Mack's pictures look like he is straight out of an Old Navy ad.
Andrew loves cheese and you can't help but smile back.
Cristi managed to steal this brief smile at the very end of our photo shoot. But don't be deceived into thinking Kate was actually smiling of her own accord - I was holding her while I hid behind a tree and tickled her.

I am so blessed to have these crazy kids.


Laura Bernard said...

SUPER cute! Even with the grumps!Love the glasses. The boys look so cute!!

I told my kids how Mac got super excited when you told Kate Owen was coming. They thought it was so funny and touching, too! They keep repeating the story to each other. Then they get sad talking about how much they want to see you all. Oh, I did my hair curly twice this week and both times one of the kids told me I looked like you. I'll take it as a compliment.

Janna said...

Lisa, your kids are getting so big. I can still remember little Natali and how she was the cutest little girl in OK. And congrats on your pregnancy! That is exciting. You are so blessed.

Julianne said...
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Sharee said...

I know those days...they really are good. Claire said Natali looks old now with her glasses.