Monday, January 11, 2010

Pink Hair

Kate is pretty good recognizing most of her colors and like most 2 year old girls, has a special affinity for pink. Recently, when she was asked, 'What color is your hair?' she answered pink. I thought this was pretty funny. However, over the last month I have realized that she will also consistently tell you that Mack, Andrew, and Cinderella have pink hair. She says that Natali and I have brown hair. So it appears that Kate thinks blonds have pink hair - lucky for them.

My Favorite Reads from 2009

In the back of my journal I keep a log of all the books I read each year. This year I even rated each book to help me remember how much I liked them. I was killing time the other night and was going over my reading lists from the last few years. Each title reminded me of my circumstances while reading that book and the different things I learned. I love books. I love the way they look on bookshelves. I love the way it feels when you see how far you have progressed through a 600 page book. I love getting wrapped up in a good story or being amazed at the skill of writers who can make economics fascinating. I love watching my Natali stay up way too late reading Harry Potter because she just can't wait to find out what happens. I love learning about places and people far away. I can go on and on but instead I will just post my favorite reads of 2009.

The Book Thief - Juvenile Fiction about a girl living in Germany during WW2 and how books influenced her life. Captivating. Wonderful insight into the power of words.

Screwtape Letters- A fictional account of how devils tempt their assigned people. C. S. Lewis is amazing. This was a quick reread for me filled with reminders of how I can be more aware of Satan's attempts on me.

Long Walk to Freedom - The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela. Very long and slow at parts but considering 27 years of his life were spent in jail it was fascinating. His self mastery and commitment were inspiring.

Outliers - Non-Fiction. A statistical study showing patterns in the lives of people that succeed. Sounds boring, but if you haven't read anything by Gladwell give it a try. You'll be surprised at how interesting numbers can be.

Other good reads from the year: David Copperfield, The House At Sugar Beach, Hot, Flat and Crowded, A Room with A View, Confessions of an Economic Hitman

The Boy and His Hat

If any of you have seen Mack lately you may have noticed the permanent new addition to his wardrobe. I knitted this hat in high school. It was an experiment that didn't turn out well because is was too big for mostly everybody. When we pulled out the winter clothes this year Mack's old hat had disappeared and he claimed this one as the replacement. I figured it wouldn't last long because it really is huge. Not only does he wear this hat whenever he goes outside but he wears it all the time - seriously - he even wears it to bed. I hope his teacher makes him take it off in the class room, but other than that possibility he only takes it off when he prays, bathes, and goes to church. Who would have guessed that he would love it so.