Monday, January 11, 2010

The Boy and His Hat

If any of you have seen Mack lately you may have noticed the permanent new addition to his wardrobe. I knitted this hat in high school. It was an experiment that didn't turn out well because is was too big for mostly everybody. When we pulled out the winter clothes this year Mack's old hat had disappeared and he claimed this one as the replacement. I figured it wouldn't last long because it really is huge. Not only does he wear this hat whenever he goes outside but he wears it all the time - seriously - he even wears it to bed. I hope his teacher makes him take it off in the class room, but other than that possibility he only takes it off when he prays, bathes, and goes to church. Who would have guessed that he would love it so.

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Laura Bernard said...

And no mention of the Bakugan? What?

Awesome that he loves such a funny thing! Not that your knitting is funny, but seems funny to attach to an oversized hat! I hope he brings it when you come to visit this summer! (Yea, it's in print so now you HAVE to come!)