Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Adventures of a Girl Named Kate

Kate has suddenly come into her own- personality that is. She has transformed from my easy going, quiet, joyful child, to the kid that makes me want to pull my hair out (or hers). The role of biggest boss has been transferred to Kate as each of the other kids give into her every whim rather that listen to the screaming. After a few talks with the other kids they are starting to defend themselves by actually telling her no. Which means she now spends a lot of time in her room screaming to herself, or on the porch screaming for the neighbors to hear (but at least I can't). With the baby coming soon I think she is just testing the boundaries and sadly I really don't want to rise to that occasion (because I don't like getting up at all) but I am trying to nip this in the bud before the baby comes. For the sake of all who plan to watch Kate when I have this baby I hope she gets over this adventure quickly.

The adventure of potty training has also begun. I read the Potty Training in a Day book that has been such a success with my sisters kids and was determined that I would do this by the letter and thus have overnight potty training success. I'd like to say I am joking, but I really thought that Kate would have this all figured out within three days. Well she did great the first day - only 2 accidents. Then we hit the bump- she stopped using the potty. The next three days were a discouraging blur of wet undies and wet eyes. I was ready to return to diapers, but then suddenly she started using the potty again and had 2 days with no accidents, followed by one a day for the last three days. Maybe it worked; I'm not holding my breath.

However, not all of her adventures have made me cry. We can't help but laugh at some of her latest interests. She learned about Harry Potter from Natali and has taken to calling herself 'Miney' like Hermine Granger. I probably call her Miney as much as Kate - she insists. She also refers to me as 'Lily', Andrew has become 'Potter', Mack is 'Ron', Greg is 'Potter's Dad', and Natali is either 'Buckbeak' or 'Miney's Cat'. It cracks me up that my 2 year old has embraced the Harry Potter world so entirely. She has even named the baby in her tummy Miney (you did remember she was pregnant, right?).

Kate has also taken it upon herself to name our baby. She has been sure the baby is a girl for the entire pregnancy but in the last month she has started to call the baby Pananunu. I have no idea where this name came from but she consistently refers to the baby as Pananunu. I hope she isn't too disappointed if this baby is a boy or if we don't choose Pananunu (Greg hasn't rejected it yet...trying to find a name for this baby is another story).

She is still my bouncy, fun, little blondy, but she's got a little more sass and we are all adjusting to the change. This post is an effort to convince myself that this is part of the adventure not just torture.