Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Light Weights

Well most of you know my kids are small - like they don't register on growth charts because they are that far below average. In contrast my sister Val's kids have always been well above average. For sometime we have been wondering if her 2 year old outweighed my 6 year old. So The other day we were all at Val's house and finally satisfied out curiosity and weighed each of our kids. Here are the results in order heaviest to lightest.

Natali (8)-----------46 lbs.
Abby (4)------------38 lbs.
Mack (6 1/2)-------37 lbs.
Luke (2)------------34 lbs.
Andrew (5)---------32 lbs.
Kate (3)----------- -24 lbs.

We had a good laugh at the extremes of both of our kids and I decided to post it so that someday they too can look back and laugh.