Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Belly

I realized the other day that I really have no pictures of me pregnant. Not just this time, but every time. I guess there are some, but I am usually sitting down holding a child on my lap so you can't see much of the belly. I figure my posterity needs one picture of me really pregnant so here it is. (As you can see Andrew has none of my camera avoidance).
I am due the 28th but my babies have been between 10 and 4 days early so I am hoping this one breaks the record and comes a full 2 weeks early. Hey I would even be okay with 3 weeks early-but I try not to get too optimistic.


Heather said...

Lisa, you are one of those fortunate, beautiful pregnant women! Good luck with the delivery. May it be sooner than later, but not too soon.

Melanie said...

Hooray! Just a few more weeks!