Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kate Moments

I am suddenly a little curious about what goes on after we turn out the lights at night because Kate has started comming down each morning in different jammies than the ones I put her to bed in. A few nights we even had midnight crying because she had taken off her diaper and then wet the bed. She has stopped taking off the diaper, thankfully, but she has started coming down the stairs each morning in her swimsuit. Why you would want to sleep in a swimsuit is beyond me.
She is turning 3 tomorrow, but for the past 3 weeks she has been telling people "I not 2 any more". We hadn't even talked much about birthdays- she just decided she was moving on.

Here is a video of her singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" the back ground noises are cute baby "Rangel" as Kate has renamed her cousin Rachel. Kate's voice is barely audible but I'll take what I can get. Her outfit is her typical attire when at Grandma's house.

This second video is even less audible. There are no baby "Rangel" noises but Kate is singing even quieter. I have posted it mostly because I have so few videos of my kids and because of the song she is singing. This is her favorite primary song. She sings it all the time and I just love it. I was trying to help her along but I think that just made her sing quieter. I love the facial expressions though. So here is Kate's silent version of "I'll Walk with You".


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Melanie said...

Beautiful singing Katers! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today.