Sunday, April 11, 2010

Morgan Horses

Natali wrote this story at school and wanted to put it on the blog. So Natali is going to make her first blog post...

One day a horse was walking around in the pasture then suddenly lightning struck . The gate fell down and the horse ran out. On the horse's run away trip the horse met a cat. She asked the cat if she knew there might be shelter. the cat said yes she new where there might be shelter.the cat took her to a old farm.she went inside and saw a foal .the foal was hungry so the mama horse fed the foal .in the morning the foal decided to go with the mama horse to go to the mama horse's house when they got to the mama horse's house the owner of the mama horse said I think I will keep the foal. The end.

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Laura Bernard said...

Wow you really know a lot about horses! You definitly know more about horses than me.-Myra