Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rabbit - by Mack Easton

Mack brought this home from school and I was so impressed. I would have scanned it but since our scanner doesn't work you will have to see it this way.


Onec A rabbit wint for A
Wack And he soo A Wlfe
So he ran A Wae from the
Wlfe then the Wlfe Wint
too Ceach the rabbit
the rabbit Cepe runing And
runing And then a Cogre Came
the rabbit ran A Way from
the Coger And the Wlfe. The End

Interpretation for those out of the habit of reading Kindergarten spelling

Once a rabbit went for a walk and he saw a wolf. So he ran a way from the wolf. Then the wolf went to catch the rabbit. The rabbit kept running and running. And then a cougar came. The rabbit ran a way from the cougar and the wolf. The end.

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Janna said...

So cute! I love how little kids write. Your family is so cute. I just can't believe how big our kids are getting!! It is nice to keep up with you on the blog. I haven't updated my blog in awhile. We just sold our house and bought one so it has been busy. We are moving to Lincoln, NE in June. Ed will be at the University in the BioChem department. It is a great job for him!!