Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why you shouldn't let a cat sleep on your head

Last night, amid the noise of the basketball game on TV, Greg and I heard the sound of someone crying. Usually if our kids are crying at night they are already on their way down the stairs to tell their dramatic tale; so we waited. Nothing for a while - then more moaning. Greg went up to check it out and found Andrew in bed covered in blood. His ear was bleeding and while we cleaned him up we asked him what happened. No response. The kid kept falling back to sleep only waking up when I touched the gash in his ear. He had two little cuts and one big one - and we had no clue what could have happened. I taped a cotton ball in his ear and let the poor kid go back to sleep.

After some discussion we have determined that Gimli, our cat, must have been sleeping on Andrew's head. When he jumped off the bed his back claws must have ripped up poor Andrew's ear. Luckily, Andrew has no idea what happened because it would break his heart. He loves Gimli sleeping with him. At bedtime he calls to Gimli and waits for Gimli to lay down next to him. They really share the pillow every night. But maybe letting a cat sleep on your head isn't the best idea.
This is what it looks like this morning - poor cat lover.

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