Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Emily Pictures

For a baby gift my friend took newborn pictures of Emily. It was so fun and I love the pictures. Thanks Jessica! So here is our sweet little girl at two weeks old. She didn't like having her hands messed with for the pictures but they turned out great anyway.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Activities

Spring has been busy with Emily coming, Mack and Andrew in soccer, and Natali doing gymnastics and choir. Luckily, choir and gymnastics are over and we only have two weekends of soccer left. Then we welcome summer with its own kind of busy.

Natali loves gymnastics. This is her first year and she has made a lot of progress. She loves being with the other girls and watching herself improve.

Mack will be sad when soccer is over and honestly I will miss watching him play. Last week he scored 11 of his teams 13 points. You have to take into account that there is no goalie - but he really is pretty good and he LOVES it. Most nights he prays that he will have a fun game on Saturday. He counts down the days of the week based on soccer practice and the weekly game. Did I mention he is the only boy on his team - even his coach is a girl - he still loves it (even though I don't think he talks to anyone).

Andrew on the other hand has scored 2 goals total. But he wins the award for most enthusiastic teammate. He cheers almost continually both on and off the field. If you listen carefully you can hear Andrew cheering "Go Scorpions!" (that is their team name) as he runs up and down the field. In addition to cheering he is getting pretty good at defence because he is a quick little guy and books it down the field to get in front of the other team.

I will be glad to be done with all the weekly practices but I will miss watching the boys play!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Harry Potter Party

Natali's birthday was 10 days before Emily's due date (ironically the same due date as Natali's) Natali wanted to have a friend birthday party but I was hesitant to commit knowing that the baby could come at any time. In the end I gave in as long as she and her friends knew the whole thing could be canceled if the baby came - she didn't come for another week. I told Natali the party would be pretty simple...but I guess I had a little pent up pregnancy energy or something because in the end it was quite a party.

She wanted to have a Harry Potter Party and after searching online we had a lot of fun ideas. The girls put on their wizarding robes (my moms bathrobes) and started the party with witch hats (brownies and ice cream). They also had their fortunes told in divination class when their drinks changed color (We put food coloring in the bottom of the cups and let it dry over night. Then I covered it with ice so they couldn't see it. When I poured their Sprite it magically changed color. Each color represented a different fortune. They thought it was pretty cool and loved the silly fortunes like 'you made a mistake in Transfiguration and are stuck as a pumpkin for the rest of the day')
Before we could move on to Potions they had to decorate their magic wands. Then they mixed things like Hypogriff Tears and Dream Fluid to make Slime. (You can't see it well in this picture but I made up names for all the ingredients and labeled and pre-measured everything into cute little containers which is way over the top for me- I needed something to do apparently)
Here are the girls with their slime showing off their food colored tongues.

Each girl also took home their own broomstick bag of Honeydukes Treat Mix complete with Gryffindor colored m&ms, gummy brains and sharks, and sweet chex mix. Natali and I had a great time planning and carrying out all the different ideas we found.
Natali's actual birthday was Sunday so here she is with her birthday cake. Greg and I are thrilled because Natali loves Almond Poppy Seed Cake and wants it for her birthday every year - so much better than princess cake (no offence Kate). Well Greg didn't want any wax dripping on the cake so she had a hard time blowing the candles out but we all had a good laugh.
She was worried the baby would be born on her birthday so she was happy that all the walking we did that night didn't bring any contractions. We love our happy, friendly, busy, observant, smart, helpful, 8 year old!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Introducing Baby Emily

She is finally here. Emily Jane arrived at 9:45pm Friday, April 23rd. That puts all three of our girls birthdays in April! She weighed in at 7 lbs. 3 oz. making her my second largest baby. But she has the most hair of all my babies and in the right light that hair is very red. I realized that all my kids have been born with different hair colors - so we'll see what this shade of red turns into. The kids all dote on her. She is swarmed with kisses all day long - especially from Andrew. They are fascinated by her cord and her tiny diapers. When we first got home from the hospital Mack asked me how long it would be till she opened her eyes. He was surprised to find that, unlike many mammals, human babies open their eyes right away.

She is proving to be a poor sleeper, but other than that she is wonderful! I am optimistic that the sleeping will get better soon. We are still adjusting to the reality of 5 kids, but we love having this little baby in our home.