Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Activities

Spring has been busy with Emily coming, Mack and Andrew in soccer, and Natali doing gymnastics and choir. Luckily, choir and gymnastics are over and we only have two weekends of soccer left. Then we welcome summer with its own kind of busy.

Natali loves gymnastics. This is her first year and she has made a lot of progress. She loves being with the other girls and watching herself improve.

Mack will be sad when soccer is over and honestly I will miss watching him play. Last week he scored 11 of his teams 13 points. You have to take into account that there is no goalie - but he really is pretty good and he LOVES it. Most nights he prays that he will have a fun game on Saturday. He counts down the days of the week based on soccer practice and the weekly game. Did I mention he is the only boy on his team - even his coach is a girl - he still loves it (even though I don't think he talks to anyone).

Andrew on the other hand has scored 2 goals total. But he wins the award for most enthusiastic teammate. He cheers almost continually both on and off the field. If you listen carefully you can hear Andrew cheering "Go Scorpions!" (that is their team name) as he runs up and down the field. In addition to cheering he is getting pretty good at defence because he is a quick little guy and books it down the field to get in front of the other team.

I will be glad to be done with all the weekly practices but I will miss watching the boys play!

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