Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Andrew's Birthday

Andrew turned 5! He could hardly wait to open his presents. All day long he kept asking if he could just open one. So he was ecstatic when he finally got to open his gifts. Here is the book about sports written by Natali and illustrated by Mack.
And of course the much awaited dollar.
Andrew loved his PJ's from Grandma Dame. He even wore the shark top as a shirt the next day.
He wanted a tiger cake again this year, but he wanted a full body one. After looking online I finally convinced him I couldn't make anything near that cool and he settled for this face. He helped put on the stripes.This is my favorite picture. I love my crazy boy. He keeps me on my toes but I can't help but laugh and smile at all of his adventures. And how else would I get to read all those fabulous non-fiction animal books from the 70's that our library is so full of - I love you Andrew.

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Val said...

Oh, Andrew is the best. Such a cute little guy. Abby loved the party and talked about it for days!