Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Is Here Again

Well I know fall is here because school and football are ruling our lives again. My kids are trying to wear BYU colors to school everyday and they are careful not to wear orange on BSU game days. Natali and Mack are so excited to be back in school. Natali is thrilled to be in the special third grade 'loft' classroom that has two classes together with two teachers. She is reading like crazy and has started piano lessons. Each day, as soon as she gets home from school, she runs in and practises piano. I hope her enthusiasm sticks. Mack is enjoying his first grade teacher, Mrs. Renfrow. He has already read 5 Magic Tree House books and is proving to me that he didn't forget how to read over summer break. His two best friends are in his class again this year and he is loving all the basketball they play at recess. Last week soccer started with Greg as his coach - he is very excited.

Andrew is in Kindergarten this year and they are trying out a new schedule. He goes all day Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday. Well, I think the all day thing is a bit of an adjustment. His first day of hot lunch he took some plums. He sat down to eat and realized his plums were hard as rocks so he didn't want to eat them. The teacher on duty told him he had to eat them. I don't know what all happened, but he has no interest in eating hot lunch ever again. He thinks it is brutal that they can only go to the drinking fountain at certain times of the day and tells me that his class only has one good animal book - poor kid. After his first day he asked if he had to go back. Most days he has done fine, but Tuesday he refused to get out of the car. I took him home and put him to work. After a lot of moaning he decided it would be better at school than working at home. So back to school he went (with his blanket this time - I did compromise a little). Since then he has seamed fine - we hope it lasts.

Kate and I are enjoying our days together. We do a little bit of school every day where I have learned that my poor little girl's basic knowledge has been sadly neglected. But don't worry - she can count to twelve now without skipping three - most of the time. I have discovered that I am way less productive now because I am Kate's sole form of entertainment. I pretend to be a princess or a mean witch most of the day, but I think it is good for both of us, just not so good for my messy house.

However, our days with Andrew home are a bit of a challenge. He follows me around saying, "What can I do? What can I do?". If he isn't driving me crazy then it is too quite and I have to assume that something like this is going on.
Yes, Andrew painted poor Kate's face. She thought it was funny at the time, but once she was trying to wash it off she had a different sentiment.
Emily just watches all the craziness and keeps us all entertained with her smiles and giggles.


Laura Bernard said...

Oh poor sweet Andrew!!! He should head to Grace's room--animal themed!! And hard plums . . . what can be worse? Wait, rib tickler for the first day of hot lunch. Seriously, what is that? I'm sure they don't feed it to anyone in Idaho, just retarded Iowa. Here's hoping things get better. Kids LOVED the letters, especially Kate's. They were busy drawing and writing back . . . but don't tell your kids yet. Give me a few weeks to get them in the mail! : ) I'm good like that!

Melanie said...

I can't believe how big Emily is! And i love her hair. Hope Andrew does well with school still!