Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birthday Boy

Mack is 7! He had his first friend party where I learned that boys are so much easier than girls at a party. Mack just wanted to play soccer, followed by football. Basically, it was a play date with four friends and presents- what could be easier? Other than multiple trips to the neighbors back yard to retrieve balls, it went great. We even found a praying mantis for the boys to torment - that's almost as good as a clown- right? Mack was so excited to give silly bands as party gifts so hopefully no moms have issues with boys wearing bracelets.
His birthday cookie - a jersey with his number 10 on it. The boys checking out the bug.

All my kids loved the party. Hopefully the other kids didn't care that there were no organized activities - that is just a little over my head right now.

For dinner he picked little smokies in BBQ sauce, tater tots, and broccoli. However, he was so anxious to open presents that he really didn't care what we ate. While I was getting dinner ready he got to see his first present. It had been hiding in the back yard all weekend and somehow he hadn't noticed. I don't have a picture, but Greg got a soccer goal free from a friend at work. Mack loves it and has already spent a lot of time out there practicing.
Then he dug into the other presents. After seeing these pictures I realize he had remnants of cake batter on his nose - so cute.
You might have noticed that despite their loosing season we are still loving the cougars. This book was from his Grandma Nani. He sits up in his bed at night looking through it - so he'll be a BYU Football history buff in no time.

He wanted a football field cake again. I was thrilled with his choice (so simple).

Macky is such an easy kid to love. He is observant, easily taught, and focused. He can do anything he puts his mind to. I love to watch him tackle something new. He doesn't cause me much grief and entertains himself. Sometimes he spends so much time doing his own thing that I wish it would rain so he would be forced to stay inside and play Yahtzee with me. In general he just makes me happy. Happy Birthday cutie boy!

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