Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Rough Being #5

Today at church someone I don't know very well asked how things were going with the new baby. "That's number 3 for you. Right?" I always love to watch peoples faces when I say I have 5 kids. I could see him trying to calculate how close together all my kids are. Anyway, this made me think about how I'm doing with 5 kids. I'm a little crazy but that is nothing new, as for everyone else, well after an incident that occurred tonight I just had to document how hard it is to be child #5.

I am a fifth child. So I can relate to poor little Emmy. My dad tells about how he would come home from work and I would be wailing and he just loved to pick me up and love on me. His comment, "You just wanted to be held." This always seemed kind of sad to me, but don't worry mom, because I totally understand now! You can only put off dinner, dishes, phone calls, and other kids for so long - then the baby just has to cry.

Today Emily was all out of whack from short naps at church. She wanted attention but I had promised the big kids I would help them make snicker doodles. In fact, I had promised to make them two weeks ago and the kids were calling me on it so it was time for snicker doodles. I put Emily in one baby distraction device after another, shoving the pacifier in her mouth whenever it fell out, trying to hold her off. After the kids all ate their fill we started into bedtime routine when I looked over at sweet baby #5. The precious thing was fast asleep, standing up. It's a rough life.


Laura Bernard said...

It's so true! And as sad as it seems at times to make them wait, I feel like the extra love they have from the siblings makes up for what neglect they might feel . . . or maybe that's just what I tell myself to feel better.

We love you, Emily!

Melanie said...

Sad and cute at the same time! What a sweet girl.