Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random Happenings

This is my pile of pictures from the last few months.

Greg's best friend, Tom, lives in Utah so he and Greg went to the BYU vs. UNLV game in Provo. Our boys got new BYU gear and loved the game. Mack watched the whole game; Andrew played with Tom's girls.The Monday after the game was wear your favorite team jersey day at school. The Easton's represented for BYU. We may not have had a great season - but you can't call us fair-weather fans.
We love rollers!
This is Mack's last basketball game. He loved it - he loves any activity with a ball.
He was definitely one of the shorter 1st graders - but luckily some of the teams had some kindergartners and he was taller than most of them. He still managed to score about 2 baskets a game.
Don't be mistaken - Gimili has not returned! We got a new cat who looks eerily similar to Gimili. She is a female, a little smaller than Gimili, 8 years younger, and has a full face. She doesn't drool or barf - but she can climb to the top the of Christmas tree and loves to sneak attack you from under the bed. She came home from the shelter with the name Perdita and we just haven't come up with anything better - so I guess she is Perdita. Andrew carries her around like a baby (Gimili never would have put up with that) and he calls her his best friend. Snow, Snow, Snow! We have snow. It is actually sticking around and the kids enjoyed a legitimate snow day. They had snow cream for breakfast and played in the snow on and off all day long.

I lost the lens cap to the camera somewhere in the snow. I put it in my snow pants pocket and proceeded to pull the kids around the neighborhood in a sled - it could be anywhere - but we had a blast in the snow. Winter is here.

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Elisha and Scott said...

We were at that BYU game too. It was a great day!