Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Girls

April is birthday month at our house. Kate comes first on the 9th. Here is our big four year old with her stash.

She wanted a cake with a crown and a wand. Pretty easy - ignore the strange things that look like bugs - I was trying to be decorative.

Andrew was so excited to buy her a Tangled doll with his own money. What a sweet brother.

She is so excited to be four and is looking forward to Preschool in the fall. I love my little snuggle bug. She is all girl all the time and she makes me laugh with all her sass and drama.

On to birthday number two...

Natali shares her birthday with my Dad - so we had a party over in Ontario with all the local Dames.

Natali wanted to decorate her own cake using new skills learned at Activity Days. She did such a great job. I was seriously impressed; she'll pass me up in no time.

Here she is in her new outfit and accessories showing off her new American Girl outfit.

It is amazing to me that my little girl is nine. She is so helpful and conciencious; I don't know what I would do without her. The other morning Mack had a soccer game at 8:30am and Greg was gone. Natali did not want to go freeze at the game and the baby was still asleep so I let Natali stay home with the little girls. (I was only gone an hour, 3 miles away, with my cell phone). A mom at the game asked where my girls were; I'm sure when I told her she thought I was totally irresponsible. We talked a little and I realized that I really trust Natali's ability to handle responsibility and make good choices. When I came home Emily was dressed with her hair fixed. That was way beyond my expectations. Natali is amazing.

Birthday number three...

Emily is one! It has gone so fast. Here she is opening a hand me down toy from Andrew. That sweet boy again.

We were tired of cake so she got strawberry shortcake. I think all she ate was the whipped cream!

Our sweet red head has so much hair, we have to pull it back everyday or she can't see. She doesn't crawl - typical Easton girl - in fact she doesn't really move much at all. I am starting to see some small scooting action - but she still has some fine tuning to do before she'll be able to get around. She only weights 17 lbs. but we all love our little cutie.

Happy Birthday Girls!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Centennial Elementary Talent Show

Natali, Mack, and Andrew in their school talent show singing the ever popular song 50 Nifty United States.

Watch for the interaction between Natali and Andrew that justifies the camera shake from Greg laughing so hard.