Monday, April 25, 2011

Centennial Elementary Talent Show

Natali, Mack, and Andrew in their school talent show singing the ever popular song 50 Nifty United States.

Watch for the interaction between Natali and Andrew that justifies the camera shake from Greg laughing so hard.


Holly Castleton said...

OH My goodness they are so cute! Good job! and that was totally funny with andrew and natilie

Laura Bernard said...

AWESOME!! What a tribute to dear Aunt Della! Was that Mom playing for them? I'm so impressed that they took their state song to a new level. Myra will be so jealous. I can hear it now, "Why doesn't our school have a talent show? Natalie is so lucky!" Love the smash on the head. I was hoping for more of that action!

Love you all!!

Sharee said...

They did great! Love that song...brings back elementery school memories.