Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Animal Lover is 6

Our skinny little animal lover turned six and after waiting all day for his dad to get home from a business trip (flight was late) finally got to open his presents. He said he wanted animals for his birthday and he got his wish. Other than some much needed church clothes, everything was animals. An animal book, an animal puzzle, animal stickers, and animal figurines - so many animals.Here he is with all his animals. I was amazed as he opened presents and got more and more. Before his birthday he had a bucket half full of animals; it's full now.We didn't have time that night but we built a killer zoo the next day after school. Since then he has turned the front yard into the world and put each animal on their correct continent.

After a solid month of birthday cake in April, Andrew wisely chose cinnamon rolls rather than cake. Yum! The sour skittles on top were a little questionable.

Can you see the hole from his first lost tooth? It happened a few weeks ago and I just realized that I forgot to take any pictures. He realized it was barley loose in the morning and diligently wiggled and pulled all day insisting that it be pulled out that night. I figured it wouldn't be ready but he had worked hard and it popped right out.

Kate and I are going to miss Andrew next year when he goes to first grade. He is such a good little guy. Just today the mother of a classmate of his commented that Andrew is always willing to play with her daughter who is a little picked on sometimes.

He loves to learn. Whether it's about animals, the world, the states, or prophets, when he is interested in something he can be so focused and intense. His reading is coming along well and soon he'll be reading those animal books - not just pouring over the pictures.

When Andrew smiles at me I can't help but smile back - Happy Birthday Andrew!

Sleeping with the Lions

For Christmas Greg and I tried to think of things we could give the kids other than toys they didn't need. So we came up with an activity that each child could go and do with Greg. Andrew's big activity was "Sleeping With the Lions". This Zoo event seamed made just for Andrew - the hard part was waiting until April to do it.

On a Friday night Greg and Andrew loaded up all their sleeping gear and headed to the zoo. They got to watch some of the animals be fed, and they walked around at night with flash lights to see some of the nocturnal, animals like the binturong. They did a bunch of other things as well but since I wasn't there I will let Andrew narrate the pictures from their sleepover.
There was a baby wallaby. We got to see 'em hop and hop and hop.

We saw the binturong in the night and we got to see it for a long time. And we got to see it climb up a tree.

We made a box that had scents on it and it was butter and vanilla. And the lions smashed mine and it broke in half. The lady told us that the one female lion liked butter and so she smashed ours because it had butter on it.

I was at the lions cage and I got to sleep there. Daddy said they would make a lot of noise but they didn't.

I liked sleeping there because we got Gatorade and in the morning we got yummy breakfast.

We got to see a lion's skull and after that we got to go see stuff in the dark.

I loved it!