Sunday, October 16, 2011

Macks 8th Birthday

Mack turned 8! Yet again, Mack designed and decorated his own cake. My dad was there when I handed Mack the tube of frosting and his eyes said, "Are you really going to let him do that?". Without any hesitation on his part, Mack squeezed and did his thing. His total confidence in himself and his final product are typical Mack and make me smile. Wither decorating a cake or dressing himself, Mack doesn't worry about if it will look "right", if everyone else will like it, or if he did it the "right" way. He is just confident and pleased with doing it himself. I love that about him.Presents: remote control cars, scriptures, a Lego boat and game, a stack of $2 bills, hand held battleship, a pack of gum, and a Bey Blade. A happy boy!

Ready to blow...

A weekend before his birthday I told Mack he could pick one friend and we'd go do something fun. He picked Chuck E Cheese, so of course the Wilford's came along. I was having issues with the camera focusing - so you get what you get.

Blue rice crispy treats shaped like footballs, helmets, and the Y! Can you tell Mack likes football?

Fun times watching Emily and Rachel loving the little games, and the big kids trying to see who could get the most tickets. After Chuck's place we used some coupons and went to the Discover Center. The kids had a great time. Happy Birthday Mack!

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