Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The last Saturday in October, Mack was baptised. We were so blessed to have so many family members there for the special occasion. He was baptised in the morning but this time I managed to get there early enough to take some pictures before the baptism.

Andrew wanted to get in a picture - he is excited for his turn.Mack with his Grandma and Grandpa Dame and Grandma Lula. We were to thrilled to have my Grandma there and to get to spend time with her afterwards at our house. She is such a wonderful woman and a great example of someone who loves the Lord. I was touched that she came because I know it was hard on her and she has been in such pain lately. It was a treat for us. Mack with his Grandma Nani and Papa Randy. They drove in Saturday morning with a few hours to spare before the baptism. It wouldn't have been the same without them.Me and my Macky! I have such a special place in my heart for my Mack. He can always brighten my day and rarely makes me want to pull my hair out. I love his diligence and quiet confidence. A mother of one of his friends told me that of all the kids her son plays with, Mack is the only one that hasn't ever gotten mad at him. When Mack went to school I was so worried that he would be quiet and never make friends. But I was so wrong - everyone likes Mack. I am so proud of him for choosing to follow the path of his Savior by being baptised and by being a friend to everyone.

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