Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Day Off

The kids had a Friday off of school so we set off for adventure. First stop, the Capitol Building. We gave ourselves a tour and even sat and listened to The House and Senate for a while. I was quite impressed with how quiet the kids were. I was prepared to retreat quickly if needed, but the kids were very respectful.

I had a great time watching them explore everything. They were very interested in the white granite, but I think they learned more about parking meters than anything else. Andrew had so many questions about why you put in money, what happens if you don't, and loved to comment on the status of everyone else's meters. It was so funny.

Then we picked Greg up from the airport (yea!) and headed to the skating rink.

The kids have been begging to go skating for ages, but I refuse to take them on account of my tailbone. So this was a great chance since we were all in Boise. Natali's roller blading paid off and she took off with confidence.

Kate's skates only touched the ice from the stroller - shocker!

Andrew borrowed the ice walker and did fine, as long as he held on tight.

Mack took off with his usual "can do" attitude and managed pretty well.

I pushed Emily around in the stroller a bit. She really coveted Kate's skates, until I put them on her and she immediately wanted them off. So the little girls and I mostly just watched the show. Everyone had a great time.

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