Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Kate signed up for Ballet this year and has loved it.  She refuses to wear tights but otherwise is thrilled to dress in her leotard, ballet skirt, and slippers once a week to dance with a bunch of cute little 4 year olds.  Here is her dance recital from this Christmas.  They were toy jack-in-the-box for the Nutcracker.  She is in the front row, one from the right, behind the box with the blue star.  She wasn't thrilled with the "not pink or frilly" costume, or having to wear tights.  You wouldn't know it from her stoic face, but she loved performing and can't wait for the spring recital.

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Laura Bernard said...

I can't watch the video. It says it is private. But I'm sure it's adorable. I love that she won't wear tights! Little stinker!