Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can't get enough Yellowstone

Winter was finally leaving Yellowstone so that meant it was time for us to head back.  I'd never been to Yellowstone so early in the spring.  We caught a bit of snow and it was quite nippy at times, but it was so green, there were hardly any people, and the baby bison were so cute.

We actually stopped in Rexburg on the way there to attend the temple and see my brother.  It was fun to hang out with my brother for a few hours and my kids loved having him baby sit while we were at the temple.

We spent three days in Yellowstone and saw more Elk than ever and the best wolf sighting we've had, not to mention so many bears we stopped counting.  Natali actually spotted a bear and a wolf.  Kate seriously shocked us all by spotting and correctly identifying a fox.  I guess shes been paying attention after all.  Emily learned to howl like a wolf and now knows what bison are. 
This is Kate while hiking - she loves it, as you can tell.  However, as we were getting ready for one of our hikes she spotted a fox (not the one below, but you get the idea).  She was so happy with herself that she forgot how much she dislikes hiking and she had a great time.  Thank you Mr. Fox!
We all enjoyed attending church in Gardiner, Montana. There were only 30 or so people but I think the congregation sang with more enthusiasm than my ward with 300.  Our kids doubled the size of the primary and nursery consisted of a small room full of toys that kids wandered in and out of all through Sunday School.  Emmy befriended a sweet older woman who read her stories for the bulk of the time.    It was a neat experience for all of us.
Our hikers braving the cold. 
Each of the kids earned their Junior Ranger badge, spent hours in the van, got really good at stealing my binoculars, went on numerous hikes, and had a great time.
Here we are in front of Old Faithful - do you see their badges?
Two of our many bear sightings. 
There are wolves in the next three pictures.  Can you find them?  The first one is the one Natali actually spotted all on her own. 
In this one the wolves were howling.  It was so cool to hear them and be able to see them with our own eyes.  There are four wolves in this picture.
I loved seeing snow and ice in one area of the park then drive for an hour and find beautiful green grass with a few early spring flowers.
Big Horn Sheep - we saw a bunch.

Well as usual we had a great time and will surely be back to enjoy the beauty of that wonderful place.

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