Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Christmas at the Zoo - In March

For Christmas we gave Andrew a ticket for Big Cat Saturday at the Zoo.  Greg was teaching his class, so that meant I had the privilege of taking Andrew.  We got to learn about big cats (Andrew was pretty sure he already knew everything).  Then we decorated these big tubes with markers and scents, like lemon, maple, and butter extracts, then took them to the tigers and lions for enrichment (the animals need some kind of excitement right?).  Well the tigers had no interest at all in the tubes.  Apparently they are pretty old and don't care to be enriched.  The lions were a different story, and thankfully Andrew's tube was in the lions den.

He was thrilled when the lion picked up his tube and eventually ripped it in half. Then we went back to the classroom and got to feel the fur of a bunch of different cats and talk about their differences.  My favorite part was the hedgehog.  Yes, it was big cat day but they had to offer some hands on animal experience.  I loved feeling the hedgehog, but the best part was watching it chow down.  Who knew such a tiny thing could be so vicious?
Andrew loved spending the rest of the day wandering the zoo and just hanging out.  We ended the day by going to lunch together.  He couldn't have been happier. 

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