Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Emmy Girl Isn't A Baby Anymore

Our little girl is getting so big.  After watching Kate and Natali's birthday's she knew exactly what was going on and dug into her presents.  Her syblings bought her the baby Cinderella.  As she opened it she was screaming and oohing.  She was so thrilled she was ready to be done opening presents.
She was finally drawn back into the presents and insisted on trying everything on.  Cute new suit, which I have had to hide or she would wear it everyday.
I made her an ice cream cake becasue she loves ice cream.  We all love our little Emmy.  Everyone races to get her out of her room every morning.  She is talking like crazy and is trying to get her way all the time.  It is so hard to say no when they are so sweet and cute.

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