Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kater Tot is 5

It seams incredible that Kate is 5.  This year her birthday fell the day after Easter, which happened to be the same as the year she was born.  I remember eating Easter dinner at my sisters house 5 years ago feeling huge, exhausted, and ready to have my little girl.  I'm so glad to have her. 

She had a party with the extended family on Easter, because we were all together.  Then we had just a family party the day of her birthday.
Here she is with all of her loot.  Her present this year was that we moved her into a twin bed and bought she and Natali matching comforters.  I managed to find a few little things so she would have something to open.  Our major goal was to avoid Disney Princess paraphernalia.  She'll out grow that someday - right? 
For her Easter party we made cute little Easter basket cupcakes.  I was still planning to make her an actual birthday cake but the morning of her birthday she said, "I really don't like cake.  Is there something else we could have?  I just want to use that special tube of frosting."  I was thrilled not to have to make a cake that was trying to be a ballerina.  So she decided on sugar cookies instead; way easier and we had fun making them together.  

Everyone decorated their cookies and we got ready to blow out the candles - total fear.  She wouldn't even get close.  She had done something similar on Easter, but this time it was even more dramatic.  We eventually convinced her. 
I am getting sad to think of sending my little Kater Tot to Kindergarten next year.  Although, we definitely have our moments when she drives me batty, she is usually such a joy.  She keeps me company, plays with Emily, would read books with me all day, loves to dance, pretend, help with dishes and cooking, and is such a great snuggler.  I'm blessed to have my Kate.

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