Monday, May 28, 2012

A Lot of Chalk and A Few Other Things

Emmy got some sidewalk chalk for her birthday.  She loved scribbling on the driveway but Andrew needed more excitement and started dipping the chalk in water from the gutter.  Proud of his discovery of how to make paint, he quickly attracted several neighbor kids.  When I finally forced them to come in for baths, the chalk was mostly running down the gutter and covering the kids bodies.  The bath tub was very colorful when we were done.

This is a picture from Kate's preschool graduation.  She really loved going to school and love singing all her songs for me at graduation.  I think her favorite part was the gift bag her teacher gave her afterwards, complete with a blowup guitar (that has been the center of many fights since) and a princess blanket (that luckily no one wants but Kate).
I take a nap almost everyday.  My kids know that that is their chance to watch TV.  So they have learned to leave me alone for an hour in order to enjoy their movie and a happier mom when she wakes up.  Now and then I let Emily put off her nap to watch a show. This photo doesn't capture it very well, but sometimes when I come down from napping I find Kate holding Emmy.  Kate told me she does it when movies are scary.  Emmy has grown tired of Kate picking her up and forcing her to obey but still lets her hold her while watching TV.  I love it.

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