Thursday, May 10, 2012

She's 10!

Note to readers: spell check says there are no spelling errors, which I find impossible to beleive.  So please over look the spelling mistakes as I can't recognize them and my computer isn't cooperating.

Natali was so excited to find out that her birthday was the same day the the Fourth Grade Wagons Ho event.  What is Wagons Ho?  Well the Fourth graders get to spend all day outside learning about and trying things the pioneers would have done - washing clothes by hand,  getting a stick and rope to make smoke, using a hand saw, stamping leather, making butter, branding cardboard, lassoing an iron cow - you get the idea.  I went to help for part of the day and it was such fun.  The kids really enjoyed all the hands on stuff.  Another mom took a bunch of pictures so hopefully you can see them soon.  That was a great start to her day.

Then she came home and was raving about the butter they had made.  We had some cream in the fridge so she decided to show the other kids how to make butter.  The jar passed from child to child but eventually they had a little ball of butter.  They just dipped crackers in it for a snack - yuck.  But they were thrilled with themselves.
Natali wanted to bring muddy buddies to school the next day for her birthday treat, but I was trying to make dinner.  She excitedly made the muddy buddies all by herself without complaint.  It was wonderful to watch her just take care of it and let Kate and Emily help to boot.  I count my blessings that she is my oldest child.

Grandma and Grandpa Dame came for dinner and since Natali and my dad share the same birthday we invited all the cousins and had quite a party.  I made Texas Sheet cake for my dad and Natali had an Almond Poppyseed Cake - yummy! 

Natali got a bunch of cake decorating stuff and I signed her up for a decorating class at the craft store.  She is so excited to try it all out.  She also got her new favorite hair clip, some girl legos, her very own itunes card and some new clothes.  She loved everything.

I am not sure I am ready for a 10 year old but she is ready to take on anything. 

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