Monday, October 1, 2012

Camping with the Boy Scouts

Greg got asked to go with the boy scouts on a camp out this summer.  So lucky Mack and Andrew got to go along.  There was a young man there with a passion for snakes.  Lets just say he loves reptiles as much as Andrew loves mammals; but he is is 14 and has money to buy his own pets.  Andrew and Mack were in heaven.  This boy caught more than one snake for the boys to hold.  He even used some snake catching device to catch a rattle snake.  Luckily, the boys didn't hold that one.  Mack and Andrew came home with dreams of owning a snake.  We even convinced them to stop fighting for a few days to earn a visit to this young man's house to see all his pets. 

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Laura Bernard said...

Oh, how cool! Caught multiple snakes in the wild, that is a serious snake lover! How fun for your boys. But I'm sure they are still mammal lovers through and through. Love those cuties!