Monday, October 1, 2012

We are going to Grandma's house...

This summer  I was enduring my few months of morning sickness with baby number six, so the days when we didn't go to grandma's house were pretty lame for my kids.  One day Andrew asked if we could go swimming in the neighborhood pool - I pictured myself barfing in the garbage can while Kate drowned- so I said no.  In frustration he looked at me and said, "This is the worst summer ever!"

Thank goodness we went to Grandma's house a few times every week.  There the miserable days spent at home were forgotten as the kids played with cousins and swam all day long.  And I got to sit on the couch doing mostly nothing, unless I was napping.  My poor family picked up a lot of my slack - thanks girls.

I, of course, took no pictures, but luckily my sister-in-law shared some of her wonderful pictures that capture all the fun.

 Notice Kate's extremely red cheeks.  That girl spent hours and hours in the pool to the point that she fried.  After this incident I forced her to wear a sun shirt (she insisted on wearing it under her suit) to prevent further skin damage.

 For part of our Family Business Meetings the kids dug through wood shavings for coins.  This brought back good memories for my generation because we used to do that every summer at the company picnic.  The kids loved it.  Natali continued searching for a long time after the others had left; she made quite a haul.
The only bad part was leaving.  My kids just couldn't understand why Grandma didn't need 5 more kids to add to the 9-13 kids that were sleeping at her house every night.  Wouldn't that just be more fun? 

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Laura Bernard said...

Ah, miss you guys. Glad I had someone else to lay around on the couch with me. : ) Seems I'm still laying around on the couch . . . now it's just because I can't get up. : ) Love to all those little ones!