Monday, November 26, 2012


This year I wasn't up for our fall trip to Yellowstone.  I had no desire to sit for hours and hours in a car so I opted out.  Greg picked a weekend and started making plans to take the three oldest kids.  Then we found out Natali's Girls on the Run 5K was the same weekend and Mack got invited to two birthday parties.  Mack chose to stay home for the parties so that left just Greg and Andrew.  They ended up having a great time and Andrew loved the one on one time. 
Wouldn't be Yellowstone without a coyote or two.
Trumpeter swans.
With just the two extreme animal lovers their hiking wasn't limited by anyone else getting tired or cold.  They enjoyed a lot hikes and animal viewing.
We don't usually see much wildlife while we are hiking but they found a buffalo right on one of their trails. 
Andrew spotted this little owl in the tree with a mouse in his claws.  It was the highlight of his trip.
They didn't see any wolves or bears but still had a great time and Mack decided that next time he would go to Yellowstone over a birthday party.

Girls on the Run

This fall Natali signed up for an after school program called Girls on the Run.  They met after school 2 days a week and prepared to run a 5K.  They also had little lessons about self-esteem, how we treat others, hygiene, positive thinking and other stuff.  She really loved it and I was so proud of her for running a 5K. 
The starting line.
Natali waving at me as she ran by.  It was a pretty cool morning, thus the gloves and hat.

I missed her crossing the finish line because she ran it a full 10 minutes faster than her practice run.  She finished in 34 minutes.

Here she is with a bunch of her buddys.

This is the whole group after the big race.  The group will start meeting again in the spring and Natali is looking forward to running again.

Mack Turns 9

It's hard to believe but my Macky boy is 9.  He was so happy to have a football game on his birthday.  He loves playing anything with a ball so having a game was a perfect touch to his big day.
Here he is with all of his loot.  New legos and football gloves were among the favorites.
He wanted a plain chocolate cake but wanted to decorate it.  So he managed to make a football field  with a football on it out of frosting and still have enough plain cake left to satisfy his desire for no frosting.  And yes that is a 6 on the cake.  He chose to have a 6 and three candles that were not pink rather than putting any pink ones on his cake.
Happy Birthday sweet boy.

Bulldog Football

This year Mack and Andrew got to play on the same flag football team.  It was fabulous to have only one football game each Saturday and so fun to watch them play together.  Mack played quarterback for half of each game and Andrew was the center.

Mack is handing the ball off but you can't see the ball - I'm not a very good action photographer.  Andrew is just standing there looking tiny.
Here is a fumble caused by the cute Easton boys.  They don't like this picture but I think it is great to see them in action.  Their hike usually went a little smoother than this one.
Here is a successful hand off.

The best part was that Greg was one of the assistant coaches so I rarely had to take the boys to practices at all.  It was a lot of fun for all three of them - most of the time.  There were a few rough days but it was worth it.  Too bad Mack moves up to tackle next year.


The day finally arrived where we got to cheer on our cougars in Boise.  The three oldest kids went with us and they were so psyched.  Sadly, it was a rough game to watch and we went home pretty down.  But it was so fun to be there with the kids and Grandma and Grandpa.