Monday, November 26, 2012

Girls on the Run

This fall Natali signed up for an after school program called Girls on the Run.  They met after school 2 days a week and prepared to run a 5K.  They also had little lessons about self-esteem, how we treat others, hygiene, positive thinking and other stuff.  She really loved it and I was so proud of her for running a 5K. 
The starting line.
Natali waving at me as she ran by.  It was a pretty cool morning, thus the gloves and hat.

I missed her crossing the finish line because she ran it a full 10 minutes faster than her practice run.  She finished in 34 minutes.

Here she is with a bunch of her buddys.

This is the whole group after the big race.  The group will start meeting again in the spring and Natali is looking forward to running again.

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Sharee said...

way to go natali!!!