Monday, November 26, 2012


This year I wasn't up for our fall trip to Yellowstone.  I had no desire to sit for hours and hours in a car so I opted out.  Greg picked a weekend and started making plans to take the three oldest kids.  Then we found out Natali's Girls on the Run 5K was the same weekend and Mack got invited to two birthday parties.  Mack chose to stay home for the parties so that left just Greg and Andrew.  They ended up having a great time and Andrew loved the one on one time. 
Wouldn't be Yellowstone without a coyote or two.
Trumpeter swans.
With just the two extreme animal lovers their hiking wasn't limited by anyone else getting tired or cold.  They enjoyed a lot hikes and animal viewing.
We don't usually see much wildlife while we are hiking but they found a buffalo right on one of their trails. 
Andrew spotted this little owl in the tree with a mouse in his claws.  It was the highlight of his trip.
They didn't see any wolves or bears but still had a great time and Mack decided that next time he would go to Yellowstone over a birthday party.

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