Friday, December 21, 2012


Last year I did a Halloween dinner and the kids have been talking about "next" time ever since.  So here it goes. 
Natali is showing off her Slime Aide.
Monster Jaws (apples with almonds for teeth).
Kate with Graveyard Gravel and Mack with Carmel Beetles.  The dinner is kind of silly but the kids love earning candy corns to use as money to buy their dinner.  Then they try to figure out what they are ordering and it makes me laugh to hear them making deals with each other to order different things and then share.  They get such a kick out of it all - I guess we'll keep up the tradition.
Our Jack-o-lanterns this year:  First is Kate's.  She wanted a kitty face and I think it turned out pretty good.  She participated by telling me what she wanted and watching over my shoulder.  Andrew designed and carved his face almost entirely on his own.  I only drew on the face from his pattern.  He even scraped out the innards - hallelujah because no one else even tries.  Mack's pumping is next in line and he did it all except scraping it out.  That job was just too dirty for my careful Mack.  Natali designed her own but I scraped the pumpkin - maybe next year I they'll be as brave as Andrew.
My adorable little mouse.  She loved this costume in spite of the fact that it is a 12 month size and she is 2 1/2. 
Kate loved wearing make-up and her pink cowgirl boots.
Mack just wanted to paint his face.  So when he picked a ghost I was thrilled.  I spent 3 dollars on fabric and gave him some scissors.  He cut all the edges himself and loved that he did it himself.
Natali wanted to wear this fancy Cinderella dress my sister made, but was a little self-conscious of being a "princess" .  So she insisted on Emily going everywhere with her.  From her perspective, Cinderella with a cute mouse was less juvenile. 
Our Roman Solider loved his sword - as you can see.  Luckily it was warm because this is all he wore Trick or Treating.

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